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Now there is economy in using Lithium batteries

We offer a number of standard packages consisting of battery and charger or separately.

The solutions are specifically aimed at the marine market, where JK Medico has been for 15 years with its Marine chargers, with build in MPPT for solar panels and separated charging of the starter battery and utility battery.

Our battery supplier specializes in delivering specially adapted battery solutions for the industrial market and through the collaboration with J.K.Medico, the market is now being expanded to e.g. The Marine market, but also for the other markets in which J.K.Medico is involved.

This applies to the market for batteries and chargers for electric bicycles in the Rehab and leisure market as well as the Marine market for batteries for electric motors as well as utility batteries and solar cell - battery storage.

Customized solutions of battery packs and Power electronics of every kind are also offered.

We handle everything from specification, development, certification, assembly, testing, packing and shipping.

Why does a Lithium battery give longer driving distance than a lead battery with the same capacity (Ah)? READ HERE

Datasheet 24V/40Ah

Datasheet 24V/60Ah

Lithium Batteries

Type no.Battery voltage nominalBattery capacityOutput current max.Output peak current max.1s.WeightLayoutWidthHeight
JKM24LINMC 39AH/50A2440501208.66212163153
JKM24LINMC 59AH/120A246012033015.00260172212+20

With our Lithium chargers and batteries, great advantages are achieved on many points:

  • A better economy is obtained on the basis of the lifetime alone than when using lead batteries
  • Lifetime is 2-3 times longer than a lead battery
  • The lifetime of a Lithium battery typically corresponds to the lifetime of the electric vehicle, which is economically optimal.
  • Charger and battery form an intelligent unit, which provides a minimum of errors and thus a minimum of service costs as well as no fuss and problems around replacing batteries.
  • Low capacity loss in normal use and high load, extends driving distance by >50%.
  • The battery weight and dimensions are 2-3 times smaller than a lead battery.
  • The battery can withstand trickle charging - does not require 100% charging, which is optimal for the user.
  • Low pollution, no lead, cadmium or mercury.
  • Low self-discharge, can stand without charging for several months.
  • Lithium batteries must be charged in closed rooms, they do not create hydrogen during charging.
  • J.K. Medico's Rehab chargers are designed specifically for electric wheelchairs and scooters. Here, the emphasis is on safety, reliability and functionality. Our Rehab chargers are Medico approved and CB certified in accordance with EN60601 ed.3.1 and our chargers generally have a reputation for being the best and most reliable on the Rehab market. J.K. Medico's chargers are programmed specifically for the battery type it is used for, which gives the market the best battery economy. The patented electrical construction used ensures a very high efficiency and thus reliability.
  • J.K. With their waterproof and robust construction, Medico's battery chargers are particularly suitable for harsh environments and outdoor use. The chargers are designed without a fan and therefore do not make noise.

Battery pack and charger together form the unique solution for both user and payer.


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