Product development

J.K.Medico performs customer-specified design tasks

We have been engaged in development, production maturation and box build for more than 35 years

We have experience from most industries here in among Medico/Rehab, Automotive, Military, Agriculture, Marine ++

We assume everything from specification, electrical-mechanical-thermal construction, print lay-out, production documentation, production maturation, testing, approvals, supplier qualification, procurement assistance as well as marking and packing- ready for delivery.

Product development is carried out in close cooperation with our subcontractors.

Prototypes are produced in house at HPE on advanced SMD machines or as manual assembly of skilled trained montrics.

We also offer to develop and build test equipment so that J.K.Medico, HPE or other subcontractors can deliver a final tested product directly to the customer.

We have an office and lab at the same address as HP Electronics Assembly and thus have the opportunity to exploit the natural synergy by living with a modern and efficient electronics factory.

HPE naturally produces J.K.Medico's own products.

Product development is a key part of J.K. Medico's activities.

J.K. Medico's goal is to develop products that are at the forefront of the overall development of the industry.

Own knowledge and experience combined with feedback from the market is the starting point for this development.

In order to continuously have the necessary resources and competences in all relevant areas, J.K. Medico also collaborates with competent external advisors and experienced people with special knowledge in our network.

J.K. Medico's product development is organized and carried out in accordance with the company's quality management system.


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