Ocean-Wheely is a very versatile and unique fishing robot

Introducing Ocean-Wheely, the ultimate fishing companion designed to revolutionize your angling experience. With its unique blend of versatility and innovation, Ocean-Wheely offers effortless loading and mounting with its included bracket, allowing you to seamlessly rotate and lock the robot for precise positioning.
Say goodbye to complicated installations – Ocean-Wheely is powered by a built-in lithium battery, offering up to 8 hours of uninterrupted fishing. Need a quick recharge? Simply detach the battery pack and use the fast charger for a speedy two-hour refill.
Controlled via a high-resolution color touch display, Ocean-Wheely provides real-time data from its DC motor, battery, line roller, and line pull sensor. Choose from a range of standard programs tailored to various fishing scenarios or unleash your creativity by crafting custom programs to suit your preferences.

With a line reel capacity of 200 meters, a maximum pull of 150 Kg, and adjustable line speed up to 100m/min, Ocean-Wheely ensures optimal performance in any fishing environment. Plus, its waterproof design and stainless materials guarantee durability and longevity, even in harsh conditions.

Enhance your fishing arsenal with Ocean-Wheely's range of accessories, including additional mounting brackets for versatile boat compatibility, extra batteries for extended adventures, and a charger for on-the-go power replenishment.

Experience fishing like never before – with Ocean-Wheely, every cast is an opportunity for adventure.

Introducing Ocean-Wheely: the ultimate fishing robot. With easy mounting, customizable programs, and a long-lasting battery, it's your ticket to hassle-free fishing. Plus, it's durable, waterproof, and packed with accessories for endless angling adventures.

• The line reel can hold 200 meters of 2mm line
• The fishing robot is designed for max. 150 Kg pull.
• The line speed can be varied from 0-100m/min.
• The battery is designed for approx. 8 hours fishing
• All electrical parts are waterproof and the robot is built of stainless materials.

• For the included mounting bracket, an angle adapter bracket is available, which makes it possible to mount on all types of boats.
• With an additional mounting bracket, the robot can easily be used on different boats.
• It is possible to buy a charger for charging the battery from a 12V outlet in a car or a boat.
• It is possible to buy extra batteries.
• We are able to supply monofilament line (see accessories page)
• We have designed a simple and inexpensive "sinker system" consisting of a metal rod which is mounted with cylindrical weights of 1 Kg and 1/2 Kg according to weight needs (see accessories page)

• When using a standard program, the display will always show what is happening. By default, the following are displayed:

1. Battery health
2. Catch alarm setting
3. Catch sensitivity
4. Line drag
5. Line speed
6. Jigging depth-height
7. Bottom depth
8. Fish time counter

The display interface is simple and self-explanatory, so you can always change or interrupt a course with just a few taps.

This is a short form introduction. The manual contains detailed information about everything.
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